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About Loria Hair Restoration

Dr. Victor Loria focuses on two types of medical-surgical procedures…. Hair Restoration Surgery, using the Artas Robotic and Loria FUE technologies, and Male Enhancement (Penile Enlargement) treatments using minimally invasive permanent filler injections (see LoriaMedical.com for more information on Male Enhancement treatments).

Dr. Loria, founder of Loria Hair Restoration, has extensive experience in the field of Hair Restoration having performed thousands of procedures, and extracted and placed millions upon millions of Follicular Units. His practice began in 1993 in Garden city, NY and now practices in Miami Florida, New York, and will have future office locations throughout the United States. Dr. Loria not only intends on bringing these new technologies throughout the United States, but also will bring with it affordable fees. As it stands now, most patients desiring this new Artas robotic and Loria FUE technologies simply cannot afford it, but now it is possible at Loria Hair Restoration. The Doctor believes in providing the best hair transplant at a fair and reasonable fee that most can afford.

There is a ‘new doctor in town’….and that is the Artas Robot. Dr. Loria has trained and certified his team of professionals to perform hair restoration procedures utilizing this new revolutionary robotic technology. The Doctor will develop and expand his reach to provide these services to the general public, offering these advanced technologies, by training many highly qualified and talented Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners on the Artas Robotic device. A specialized team, under the direction of a Medical Director and Dr. Loria, will provide these advanced hair restoration services with precision and accuracy.

Dr. Loria will also train his team to perform the Loria FUE procedure. This Hair Transplant technique, which is a combination of robotic and manual technique, allows patients the advantage of not only minimizing to an even greater degree any and all markings (microscopic scars) on the recipient and donor areas, as compared to the strip method, but also provide greater precision in follicular unit extraction with rapid ‘non-crush’ graft insertion (no long hours of cooling time for the grafts or hair follicles, and non-crush injuries using jewelers forceps with placement). The Loria FUE Procedure, also known as Loria’s EXcisional Unidirectional Stereoscopic Follicular Unit Extraction Procedure, is paving the way and raising the bar in the Hair Restoration field.

Extensive experience, truth be told, is but half of what is needed to be a successful and talented Hair Restoration Surgeon. The other half of the story, which is infrequently voiced or mentioned, is the Artistic element. The ART portion of the ‘Art and Science of Hair Restoration’ is essential and critical. You may take your canvass and learn how to paint, but you may never become a Picasso, a Da Vinci, or Michelangelo, no matter how many years of experience one may have. One cannot ‘train’ to become a Picasso – that aspect must come from within. Many, but not all, doctors have artistic talent and ability to blend the Art and Science together into the Hair Transplant Process.

Dr. Loria is proud to say that his manual dexterity and artistic skills in the Art and Science of Hair Restoration do not end there but extends to the art on the canvass as well. This is well recognized within the Hair Restoration Surgery community, considering many Physicians and Surgeons ask Dr.Loria for training in his particular techniques. Extended and lengthy list of accolades, extended curriculum vitae’s, resumes, numerous patents, publications, and joined associations are all well and good but these aspects are generally intellectually orientated. The question remains, is the physician or physician’s team talented and artistic? The artistic element (as well as scientific) and talents will only be determined by the RESULTS of the cosmetic procedure.

Dr. Loria, unlike most Hair Transplant physicians, has written medical articles, participated in writing a hair restoration chapter in Dr. Razak’s hair loss book, lectured and trained numerous colleagues, among other ‘accolades’. (enough said)

Even though Dr. Loria focuses his practice mainly on Hair Restoration and Male Enhancement (Penile Enlargement, see LoriaMedical.com for more information), he recognizes that most patients (who travel not only from all parts of the US but internationally) have numerous cosmetic needs. Most if not all of Dr. Loria’s patients ask him to perform additional cosmetic treatments, considering they have developed such a trust and comfort level with the Doctor. Dr. Loria, and his trained Physician Assistants, will accommodate his patients and will always do his best and help treat these additional cosmetic issues, if possible.

Dr. Victor Loria is a graduate of the highly esteemed and oldest Osteopathic Medical School in the country, Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine. Kirksville College is a United Stated Medical School which prides itself on teaching not only traditional medicine and Surgery but also brings a holistic element into the physician’s practice of medicine and surgery. The Osteopathic physician (receiving a D.O. degree – Doctor of Osteopathy – as opposed to the typical M.D. degree) is grounded in the tenants of sound medical, surgical, AND nutritional and Osteopathic manipulation techniques and knowledge, providing a solid and sure foundation of medical and surgical care for the patients.

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