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Please select the Finance company based on your credit score.

E-Financing – Credit Score 620 or Greater

United Medical Credit – Credit Score 580 or Greater

What Types of Payments are Accepted?

Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Checks, Money Orders, or Cash are accepted.

Need Financial Assistance?


Dr. Loria’s staff can help you with most any finance questions and direct you to the most optimized financial solution to meet your needs. As we strive to keep the cost at a very reasonable and affordable level, we understand that a few may need to finance their procedures. Please reach out to us to see how we can assist.

Refund Policy

If a patient had purchased a two-procedure special, and his goals were achieved after completing the first procedure, and the patient chooses not to move forward with the second procedure, the regular fee for the first procedure will be charged, and the patient will receive a refund for the difference. Example ($10,900 2 procedure special – $5,900 Loria FUE Graft/1 shaft enlargement = $5,000 refund amount)

Dr. Loria Guarantee

Hair Transplant Guarantee: Dr. Loria will guarantee a minimum 95% hair growth yield. If this goal has not been achieved, then Dr. Loria will provide a touch up treatment at no cost to achieve that goal.

Male Enhancement Guarantee: Dr. Loria will guarantee a minimum range of 1.5 – 2-inch circumferential gain of the penile shaft after three male shaft enhancement treatments. If this goal has not been achieved, Dr. Loria will provide a touch up treatment at no cost to achieve that 1.5- 2-inch goal range.

A Note From Dr. Loria

Dr. Loria and his Staff go above and beyond the standard of care in the Hair Restoration field. We do our finest to provide the best possible results with each procedure regarding hairline design and provide careful ‘no-crush’ handling of all Grafts for preservation and survival. In addition, Special Graft dissection microscopes are utilized, and Very Special Ceiling Mounted Microscopes are used in harvesting the donor area (not just magnifying glasses).

In addition, Dr. Loria designs each of his procedure rooms with HEPA filtered air for the procedure room and an additional HEPA filtration system to protect your Grafts. The purpose of purified air is to reduce bacteria in the air and decrease the risk of infection and Graft contamination. You will not see a greater level of air purification and protection of your Grafts in any other hair transplant office in this country.

Regarding Male Enhancement Procedures, such as Penile Shaft Enlargement, Penile Glans Enlargement, Scrotal Enlargement, etc., Dr. Loria and Staff do their very best to provide the best possible results with each procedure regarding size increase and symmetry. Considering that the Penis is an organ that expands and contracts during the 35 days of healing after a procedure is performed, there might be minor material shifting which may cause minor asymmetry or unevenness. This is why a patient should always budget and plan for a second procedure, whether a full, supplementary, or touch-up procedure just in case asymmetries result. The difference between a full procedure and a supplementary procedure is the volume of filler material used. A supplementary procedure is about one-quarter to one-half the volume of a full procedure. A touch-Up procedure is filler procedure that focuses on small asymmetries.

All fees subject to change without notice. Multiple Special Offers cannot be combined.

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