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Dr. Loria

Has one focus in mind, providing the best hair transplant possible and with the best fee possible.
That is it. The ‘Best Hair or Nothing’ is Dr. Loria’s motto and that is what you will get – The Best Hair at the Best Price.

What Makes Loria Hair

Restoration Different?

Dr. Loria and the staff at Loria Hair Restoration follow strict protocols and standardize the process to provide accurate and consistent results with all patients. There are ‘controls’ in place such as a room air purification system to protect the patients scalp from airborne bacteria, a special Hood air purification system just for the hair grafts/follicles to protect them from air born bacteria… a second tier of protection providing the best air quality possible.

Dr. Loria’s employees sophisticated and advanced Magnification Microscopes with LED lighting that provides the appropriate magnification and visualization of the grafts, donor site, and recipient sites. This is far superior over magnifying glasses and safeguards the grafts.

The Best


In addition, Dr Loria uses instrumentation that does not crush the hair follicles during removal from the donor area nor during placing of the follicular units during graft placement in the recipient sites. This is very important. Grafts are often damaged which can result in death of the hair follicles, or poor growth of hair follicles. This type of damage is avoidable, and at Loria Hair Restoration, crush injury does not occur since there are no instruments or techniques used to crush the grafts.

Temperature MATTERS

A special refrigerator is used to keep the grafts cooled to a consistent 34-38-degree temperature. Why is this important? Graft survival is dependent on cooling, like all other organs that are transplanted. For example, when a heart or kidney is transplanted, it is first preserved in a cooler temperature to slow down the cell’s metabolism… and this prevents cellular trauma and death. When it comes to hair follicles, Dr Loria does not just use ‘ice blocks’, which is unreliable for long term storage (for hours). Ice blocks will melt, heat up, and there is no way to tell because they do not have temperature gauges.

Placement Speed

Speed of graft placement is also a critical step in the process of hair transplant surgery. Dr Loria trains his staff to utilize rapid non-crush placement techniques to ensure that the graft is not out of the body longer than it needs to be.

At Loria Hair


The patient post procedure care and follow up is very different. The Loria Hair Restoration staff will ask for at least weekly updates with the patient providing photos of the hair transplanted area for evaluation and respond to all patient questions and concerns along the way. The patient will have a direct line of communication with the staff through phone/texting methods, so the staff and patient communications are frequent, or provided when needed.

Great Hair Great Price

Dr. Loria also trains his staff to design hairlines in the Loria UVW Hairline Design Method. This method is a universal way to ensure that all patients have the opportunity to receive an optimal hairline design, with an artistic natural balance.

At Loria Hair Restoration you have the option to receive the state-of-the-art Computerized Robotic Machines available today… and those devices are the Artas Robot, and the Loria FUE Technique in Hair Restoration Surgery.

Dr Loria and the Loria Hair Restoration Team will provide the ‘Best Hair or Nothing’…. That is our goal and that is what we strive for…and at the best price.

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