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Loria Minimal Incision FUE Technique


The Loria Minimal Incision FUE technique involves removing donor FUs with a 4 or 5mm punch. Each large graft will then be dissected down to FUs. Why would we take out hair in this fashion? When a person either has extremely low donor density or has had multiple FUE sessions resulting in poor donor density, the only way to extract more hair is NOT to take more FUs, which will result in a higher density drop. Keep in mind that with the FUE, more hair is taking out not only the hair follicle but the skin as well.

Why do you have to remove the hair and skin? When we use the FUE technique, whether it is with the Artas or Manual techniques, we extract the hair follicle with a tiny amount of skin, BUT…..the little hole produced will fill in with skin/scar tissue. This result is a small hair density drop.

Image for a moment…. we took our 20,000 FUEs….the donor will look extremely thin…. now if we took a strip of skin, the donor density remains the same (drops some but for arguments sake remains the same), but what changes here is the width of the donor area will ‘shrink down’ …. so that wide band of hair in the donor will get more and more narrow.

What is the ‘Loria Minimal Incision FUE Technique’? This is similar to the strip in regard to removing skin….and is similar to the old large punch removal of years past….it is removing skin using a 4-5 mm punch. The skin removal will be in a ‘strip’ pattern, and the 4-5 mm holes produced will have about 2-3mm of skin remaining inbetween (so the holes do not connect to make a long strip like loss of skin).

Now, when all of the 4-5 mm holes are made, and the skin is removed, the large grafts will be cut down into FU’s, and the donor area, now with many large holes, will be sutured …We call this the ‘collapse closure technique’. Sutures will be placed to close or collapse the holes making them into a small ‘slit’. This small slit will heal much nicer then leaving the hole open to heal.

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