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The Most Effective and Efficient Method

Hair loss and subsequent hair restoration is oftentimes a very challenging task. Most Doctors will agree that the most effective and efficient method of restoring your natural hair is by the hair transplant surgery process. Even though this is true, Dr Loria has patented a Hair Implant Device that will be going through an FDA approval process. This is artificial hair that looks like normal hair coming out of the skin. Once this is FDA approved (2021), then there will be a near unlimited amount of hair one can place, not only on the scalp, but anywhere on the body, including face, eyebrows, chest, pubic area, etc.

The only real scam involving hair transplant surgery is paying for a certain amount of grafts, but only getting a small portion of what was promised. This is the greatest issue plaguing the hair transplant industry. If you are told that you received 3000 grafts in your hair transplant procedure, how do you know if that is what you received? At Loria Hair Restoration, Dr. Loria will provide photographic evidence of how many grafts came out of the donor area, and then taking photos of the recipient sites post-graft placement. This will ensure accurate and trustworthy procedures…and you should insist on having this photographic evidence.

Medical treatments such as Finasteride and Minoxidil

Medical treatments such as Finasteride and Minoxidil, which have been approved by the FDA for hair loss, does work to help prevent hair loss, and it is recommended to use for adjunct support. Even though this treatment provides some amounts of hair regrowth, it will help susceptible hair follicles from dying or miniaturizing.

Low level laser treatments are FDA approved and may help with slowing hair loss, and possibly promote some hair growth. Expectations should not be high if hair growth is desired when using laser or medical treatments.

‘Thread’ treatments in my opinion is not worth the time and money. I believe this is an inefficient method to treat hair loss.

Bio-Preservative and Nutrient Solutions are not FDA approved, but may provide some small amounts of hair growth and possibly prevent or slow down hair loss. Even though this has not been proven, there is anecdotal evidence for this. Bio-Preservative and Nutrient Solutions have also been used during hair transplant surgery and there is minimal to no anecdotal evidence to support its use at the current time.

Any Vitamins or Supplements that state they can grow new hair is simply false. Unless you were diagnosed with a severe vitamin deficiency, which is rarely found in the United States, vitamins and supplements will not help. Now, that being said, there are supplements, such as Horse Tail, and other elements, that can increase the diameter of the existing hair fiber, and possibly increase hair growth rates.

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